Application of Metal Detecting Technology in Medical Science

The concept of detecting the underlying materials based on its signal strength with electrical and magnetic fields. Metal detectors are widely used in search of coins, treasure hunts, bomb detection, gold or metal locating. But most of us may not know it’s usage in medical field.

They are used in locating swallowed coins, metal replacement parts in the human body, any piece of metal or non digestive materials in the food passage or in the intestine for a quicker treatment purpose. They are not highly exposed to radiation. So it may not end up causing any radiation sickness to the patient. They are compact and light weight; doctors could easily handle the device for finding the exact location of the metal or coins inside human body. It does not require any special knowledge for handling. Anyone could easily operate it, there is no qualification or special diploma required to handle them. The design could be customized for specific search as in medical field; the required area of operation is known and predictable. They do not create any wait time to signal the location or type of the material inside a human body. They help in determining the exact location, type, size of the material to determine the type of medical procedures quickly.

They are real life saving devices. When kids play with coins accidentally there are times when they swallow coins. That may choke them and even lead to life loss. These metal detectors search for the right place in the body for its location and beeps alarm for the medical assistant. They could plan to invert the child upside down and pat on the back or surgically remove the coin as early as required to protect life and prevent other health issues. Up to date technology used in these appliances are of great use in medical field.

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Some Of The Challenges Faced By Medical Science

The practice of medicine has remained important since ancient times. Although the practice was different its importance was evident. Medicine has become a necessity, because at a given point in time the body needs to be cured. Medical science has made it possible for people to live longer and better lives.

Medicine is concerned with maintaining and restoring health through different studies, diagnosis as well as treatments. It is the branch that offers methods of preventing various diseases, healing wounds when injured and helping cure mental or bodily damages.

The Importance of Medicine

Some things are not within our control such as an unwanted disease, failure of body parts and an unexpected accident; this explains why medicine is so important. Although medicine existed from the medieval times during that age medical sciences were not so advanced. During that time, the branch of medicine did not offer solutions for many diseases. However, things have changed. Today the branch of medicine has the ability of curing many diseases apart from a few diseases which remain incurable.

There are different types of medicines including herbal medicines, homeopathic and allopathic. The herbal medicines are ranked among the best medicines because they are manufactured from natural ingredients.

The herbal medicines make use of barks, roots, leaves, plant seeds, berries and flowers for medicinal reasons. Previously, herbal medicines were kept out of conventional medicine. Today, herbal medicines have been accommodated in the mainstream and doctors are recommending herbal medicine in many cases.

The New Challenge

Today medical science is faced with new challenges as new health problems arise. New viruses responsible for many new diseases are being discovered. Therefore, research in the medical field is an ongoing process. There has been a growing need for drugs that can treat obesity which is a growing lifestyle problem.

People are advised that, if they have struggled with weight problems they can buy weight loss pills. According to the weight loss pills reviews diet pills are ranked among the number one most demanded supplements after vitamin pills.

As much as medicine is important this does not mean that every drug is useful for all individuals. Every person features a different body type while every person reacts differently to medicine. Therefore, it is not advisable to take any medicine or to combine medicines without any prescription or recommendation from the doctor, this can be risky. It is therefore advisable to consult with the healthcare provider before using any type of medication on your own.

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